Image of Dangers- 72mm Freeride/DH Wheel

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Image of Cream Kings- 66mm Freeride Wheel

Dangers- 72mm Freeride/DH Wheel

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The Danger offer a 72mm, 46.5mm contact patch in a smooth 80a thane. This Gives you a smooth, fast, and very predictable slide, making them excellent for faster freeride. However, the Danger's are also reliable for medium grip DH runs before broken in. Just like the Cream Kings, you can expect little to none deformation, and a very high roll speed. We highly recommend this wheel to anyone who likes to alternate between going fast and taking it slow, and would like to roll away from a huge stand up! Details: 72mm and 50mm wide 46.5mm contact patch 80a durometer in our "Cream" formula Strong core with 3 inner spokes Notice: With bearing spacers in, one bearing will stick out of the wheel approximately one millimeter. This will not affect the ride or performance of the wheel. Skate happy! *All shipping is priority mail via USPS